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Hello people! My names Mercy Song! I'm a proud Timelady and Gallifreyan! I am the daughter of the fabulous Ella Pond and The Doctor and River Song are my grandparents. I was taken away as a baby by the evil witch Madame Kovarian. But many years later i bumped into my real mom. I am now living with her making up for all the years i have been away.... (Independent Doctor Who RP Blog. Will RP with anyone from any fandom! But i'm from Britain so just be aware of the time difference! :D Oh and she has twins now!!!)
(M!A: None)

Lilli sat in her bedroom trying to sketch her brother from a picture she had taken when he was born. She looked up from her sketchbook and out of her window letting out a huge sigh.She smiled as she heard the front door open, rushing out of bed and into her mother. “Hey mom!” She grinned and pulled back. “I’m bored and it’s a horrible day..” She said pointing to the typical rainy English weather. “Can we go somewhere? Please?” She pleaded with big puppy dog eyes.